Why I Buy Tires Online and You Should Too

I buy my tires online in order to conveniently get the exact size and model I want. Saving money is secondary and maybe I’m not even saving. Let me explain why it’s so important to get the exact model you want and how to pick a model to buy:
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How to Choose Snow Tires — And Why You Shouldn’t

For most drivers the best snow tire to buy is an all-season tire, not a snow tire, because the right all-season tire will give you better stopping and cornering on wet pavement and dry while also giving you good enough snow traction. If you’re dead set on getting true snow tires, this article is going to challenge your beliefs.

At the current state of tire-design science, it just is not possible to make a snow tire that will grip non-snow-covered wet or dry pavement as well as the best all-season tire.  Yet it is possible to design an all-season tire with very good snow traction as well as very good stopping and cornering ability on wet or dry pavement that is not covered with snow.   Read more…

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