Amazon Shopping Tricks to Get Lower Prices

Here are some tips on how to shop Amazon that could get you a better deal. We’re going to post some links to Amazon to illustrate the points and you are free to click on them to see what I’m talking about. You won’t actually be buying anything, though you could if you decide to:

Trick #1) Get over the free-shipping goal line. Sometimes you need a $1 or even just a 1-cent item to get your order over $25 so your order total qualifies for free shipping. For example, Adding a $1 item to a $24.99 order could save you say $8 on shipping, so you have a net gain of $7, even if the $1 item is worthless to you. (Note: Not all items on Amazon qualify for free shipping or count toward the $25 but most do and the info on whether an item does is always disclosed by the phrase “Eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping “). I haven’t yet found a $1 item that qualifies but here is a $3 item and that’s still cheap enough so that adding it to your order costs less than the shipping cost it saves by getting your total over the $25 threshold. If you find a cheaper item that qualifies, please post that info in the comment area below. The item is a silica gel pack, which is used to absorb moisture. It’s actually a very useful thing that can protect your silver from tarnishing, keep your old photos from moisture damage and help you save gardening seeds from one season to the next, but that’s a whole ‘nother article I haven’t written yet. I use them to protect my cellphone and camera when I seal them in waterproof cases on boating trips. But for you the use might just be getting free shipping when your total is just shy of $25.

Trick #2) Save 15%. You can save 15% on anything on Amazon that is eligible for subscription. You agree to receive future shipments on a schedule you specify. However, as of this writing, you are free to cancel or suspend your subscription before the next order ships and still keep your 15% saving on the first shipment. Here is an example of an item that is eligible for subscription. You can get free shipping and the subscription discount, all in the same order.

Trick #3) Bookmark this page and return often. If you are a regular user of Amazon, this is a page on you will want to bookmark and come back to before you place any order with Amazon, because we will keep adding new tips and we’ll suggest more low-price products eligible for free shipping to get you to that $25 threshold. For your convenience (and my source of revenue so Amazon pays me a commission on your sale) I am posting an Amazon search box below. Start your shopping with this portal to Amazon and anything you buy that day will send a little revenue to reward my efforts to find and publish money-saving Amazon tricks for you. It costs you nothing. My revenue comes out of Amazon’s hide:

And here is current deal-of-the-day info (click on it for more info):