Documents from Philipsburgh Manor

Philipsburgh Manor Documents Click Here

Please click the link above to read these wonderful historic documents on Philipsburgh Manor, including the Town Book of the Manor Of Philipsburgh, which is like the minutes of the town meetings starting in 1742. It was found on a beam in the old mill building around 1857. The actual manuscript is now at the New York Historic Society. This is a transcription.

Although Philipsburgh Manor was all owned by one rich family, and everyone living there was a tenant paying rent to the owners, it also functioned as a democratically self-governing town, these documents show. In the Town Book, you will find several references to William Dobbs, son of John Dobbs, the original member of the Dobbs family to bring the family name to Dobbs Ferry. You see William being named a tax collector, being listed as a tavern keeper, and being named a road overseer.

Link below gives you the same document after optical character recognition, to make it searchable.   Unfortunately, OCR also garbles some words, so this version is less readable.   But, the search function will allow you to quickly find 7 mentions of “Dobbs,” for example, so it has its uses.


The mill and manor house have been preserved.  Information about visiting:


Mill and bridge at Phillipsburgh Manor in Sleepy Hollow , just north of Tarrytown. Open to the public.

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